Can anyone identify this flowering weed

Can anyone identify this flowering weed?.. these grow all over my bonsai area and yard…located in Concord California…it has 3 flower buds and will post another picture once they open…that might help identification…thank you

Looks like a Geranium sp or Pelargonium sp.

Looks like one of the buttercup family, a wild flower that grows in the foothills of California. We see a lot of them in foothills northeast of Fresno. If it is, it should have a yellow flower. Wild flowers are just coming out now, but haven’t seen this one yet.

Dylan and Sandy…thank you for your input…pretty sure it is not from the geranium or pelargonium families…could be buttercup family but cannot recall the color of the blooms… I will try to take a closeup picture of the leaves and flower buds tomorrow and post it …hope that will help with the ID…again thank you…Tony

I also believe it is in the geranium family. A wild species that is prevalent in Sonoma County, just north of you

It’s Geranium robertianum aka “herb robert” or “stinky bob” - a major pest in the pacific northwest. The Forest Service and parks departments spend lots of time and money trying to control it because it crowds out natives, particularly in shady areas. It has explosive seedpods so is easily spread everywhere. My advice: pull every seedling and keep at it!

Dylan, Ranger, LauraH
Thank you all for your input…and sending me in the right direction on the ID of this plant…am definitely surprised that it is in the Geranium family…I have attached another picture with detail of flower buds…so looks to me it is either Erodium Cicutarium or Geranium Robertianum…looks like both are commonly referred to as Stork’s Bill…
Again thanks for your efforts to all who posted replies …

It is a species geranium. Flowers are tiny hot pink. Cranesbill. Easy to pull up. Pretty in its way if not allowed to get too invasive.

yes i think it is pretty plant…waiting for the flower bud to open …Thank you

Here is a picture of the plant with flowers … I rather like the flower…still cannot decide if it is Geranium robertianum - herb robert/ cranesbill OR Erodium botrys - storksbil Either way I think it is a pretty plant and flower Thank you all for your comments and suggestions l