Can putting organic fertilizer in tea bags actually work?

(Les Lonsdale) #1

I have seen that putting organic fertilizer in tea bags is very popular these days. I have actually started doing it myself. But the way organic fertilizers work is that soil bacteria break down the organics into forms that the plants can use. SO, my question is how can the fertilizer be broken down by the soil bacteria if the fertilizer is not actually in the soil??

(Les Lonsdale) #2

Follow up question: for those who use entirely inorganic mix, are there even any ‘soil bacteria’ in your ‘soil’ to break down organic fertilizer??

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

I know the effect of this approach to feeding better than the details - will be curious to see if some good answers come up.


The microbes that convert complex organic compounds into plant available nutrients don’t “need” soil, just a sufficiently moist environment. They disperse pretty much everywhere too, so a moist tea bag without too much sun is a pretty happy place for them that will be colonized quite rapidly. Just like compost bins (no soil).


We use Biogold organic cakes, works wonders.

(Frank Corrigan) #6

Well stated Brad, a moist environment is essential as well as the presence of oxygen to create an aerobic rather than an anaerobic environment. This is accomplished with attention to particle size which allows for proper drainage. I find drainage more difficult to maintain in organic soil components as they decompose.
The organic fertilizer is more effectively broken down and the byproducts of the conversion are available to the plants in useable form.
One of the advantages to the tea bags is the ability to easily manage the application and removal in certain refinement techniques. I have also found that the use of tea bags inhibits most insect activity in the fertilizer.

(Ann Hobson) #7

Dr Earth LIfe fertilizer is specifically designed to be scattered, not mixed in to the soil. It works great in tea bags.

(Les Lonsdale) #8

Thank you everyone who replied to my question. Just needed it explained logically. That makes sense. Thanks!!!

(John Topicz) #9

It’s going to sound crazy but I used panty hose and it seems to be less restricting and less filtering. New panty hose, lol!