Can this be over watering?

Hi Jonas

This grafted Japanese white pine was imported from Japan to South Africa May 2019. It has this spot/area on the tree that the needles are very yellowish.

The rest of the tree looks normal. The normal looking part. I spray regularly with fungicides. The roots look very healthy also…so my question is can it be from to much water or is it how the tree adapts to my climate?

It looks like it could be too much water. If the tree isn’t drying out between waterings the tree could be under stress. Black pines yellow at the center of the needles when they’re too wet. The climate could also be a stressor, especially if the tree doesn’t get cold enough in winter to achieve full dormancy.

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Thanks winter’s here are cold -5 degs…already started to water tree less.

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Hi Jonas

''Drying out between waterings ‘’ how dry must it be? Say the thirst 1inch of soil or must the howl rootball dry out?

You want the soil to be mostly dry (approx. 60%) about 1/4-1/2" down below the soil.

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Aside from correcting the balance of water and air in the soil, I also see some needle cast. It looks like dothistroma (red bands). If it gets extensive, you can loose a lot of needles later on, and the tree will suffer.

A good treatment is chlorothalonil (Daconil) spray every week to 10 days in the spring and after decandling in the summer while new needles are forming and lack a protective cuticle. I buy concentrated Daconil, dilute it and add some horticultural surfactant before I spray. The ready-to-spray Daconil contains a sticker that may harm some cuticles; although, my pines didn’t seem to mind when I used it. Still, I think avoiding the sticker is preferable.

i did heard about Daconil but never actually tried it myself. thanks for recommendation. can i ask you questions in case i would have any regarding Daconil? thanks

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@Carld1 Yes, you can ask questions about Daconil. I don’t know if we can offer much beyond what’s on the label, but feel free to ask away.

Is daconil safe to be used on sensitive plants (cuttings, seedlings, younger saplings/starter plants, etc.) as a preventative? (since, esp cuttings, are very susceptible to fungus)

@fooddude - did you check the label?

I haven’t used Daconil on cuttings or seedlings so I don’t know. I know xerotol is a popular option for young plants.

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Thanks for the tip!
Just Googled it… all I see are large 1gal. You know where to get in smaller amounts?

I don’t know if smaller quantities are available, but I can say it’s useful for lots of other plants like fruiting and flowering trees.

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The plant is flowering. White Pines need cold and also are not happy when too wet. I keep mine under cover to keep the rain off during the winter and hope we get frosts.

Hi Jonas, I’m jumping in on this thread as I’m sure there are lots like this. You seem knowledgeable so hopefully you can help.

Attached are a few pics of my young-ish black pine that has beautiful green needles until about a week ago they started really yellowing. With many plants yellowing but bonsai are a little different.
Do you think this is over watering? If so will it come right if I hold off water for a few days?

Thanks for the help.