Care for Japanese black pine

Hi Jonas I have questions about my Japanese black pine,it needles turn brown and dying needles started falling off it that normal for this time of the year please help thanks

Thanks for sharing the photos. It looks like most of the needles falling now are the old needles. This is natural in fall. Some of the brown needles are newer which suggests that there may be a problem in the soil that can be addressed by repotting.

The buds look good which makes me think the tree is prepared to send out new growth next year. This is a good sign. I also see some very small new buds that developed over summer. This makes me think that something good happened to the tree over summer (maybe it received more water than normal, etc.)

I’d remove the yellow needles so you can keep track of any changes between now and repotting season. This will also ensure that the buds receive adequate light over winter.

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