Cascade bonsai growth patterns relative to height of tree

I’m taught that trees grow from the top, so how does that work in a cascade wherein the tip is lower than the base(in some cases)? Does the vertical placement of branches .dictate which branches grow best?
I have this juniper potensai training to be a full cascade and it’s in the ground; how does this position effect the cascade growth? Are there tricks that I should know re: growing cascades?

Exactly the vertical placement does play a roll in the amount of energy and growth transferred to the foliage.
The challenge with cascades is to achieve a balance between the apex and the lower portion of the tree. This is done by continuously thinning and pinching the apical area to distribute more energy downward to the cascade area.
This balancing is continuous to keep the overall design healthy! At times the artist will position the tree temporarily to give the cascade more elevation and thus strengthen the lower foliage.
There is a section devoted to the challenges of Juniper cascades in the Masters Series Juniper book. This is a good reference if working with Juniper and it is available through Stone Lantern publishing.

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