Chanomeles bonsai

Hi there,

I am looking to add a chanomeles plantto my collection.

I am not sure which variety they use in japan as bonsai.

Does anybody knows which variety i should look for?


The basic types are Chanomeles Sinensis and Chanomeles Japonica, however most are known cultivars due to the hybridization of the species. I would look for a " Chojubai" cultivar in a flower color and leaf size that is of interest to you.
Some varieties have no thorns and may also be of interest. My personal favourite is a dwarf Chojubai with rough bark, small dark leaves, thorns and small deep red flowers! A white flower variety is more common and readily available.

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I recently bought six baby chaenomeles (different cultivars) from Evergreen Gardenworks. There’s some good info about them there.

As for how and when to prune for ramification, development, training, etc… I have no idea how to, lol. There’s not much info about that I can find. If anyone can give some basic tips on that, please do share.

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It’s an old article but I think Michael Hagedorn has a lot of info here: