Cherry Blossom Help

What should be my first order of operations to get this tree back to energy positive ?

I would:
1.Remove dead branches and leaves , leaving stubs where jins are desired.
2. Emergency repot to improve soil condition and observe the state of the root ball. Remove dead roots, compacted material. Slow careful chopstick work. Keep roots and foliage misted during this time.
3. Shade, humidity and careful watering for aftercare.
4. Begin fertilization after new growth is evident and recovery is underway.

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Universal inorganic soil ?

After cleanup and close up of leaves i would wait on the repot till spring. It appears to be in much better condition than i thought with the first photos.

Future design of this tree.

Isn’t that going to be difficult to achieve with roots currently growing the opposite direction?

It will definitely be a challenge. I suspect I may be able to remove most of the roots on the “dead” side of the tree. Won’t know until I get in. Stay tuned