Cherry blossom issue

(dave) #1

hello guys,
need information about deciduous tree, cherry blossom.
yesterday night, i see leaves dropped, but still intact with the stem.
the color of leaves that drop still dark green. only in lower branch of the tree.

right now i suspect the soil to dry, i already watered this morning.

can anyone point me what issue i’m dealing with?
dried soil, fungus or something else.

thank you

(Conor Bauer) #2

Is this tree kept inside or out? What zone are you in?

(dave) #3

hi conor,

the tree kept outside all day.
i live in jakarta, indonesia.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

If the tree dried out, I’d expect all of the leaves to wilt. My top guesses are a root problem or physical damage to the branch.

(dave) #5

Dear jonas,

From the beginning the tree arrive, there are only 2 leave at that lower branch, in 1 week. Leaves blooming about 4 leaves.
If theres a root problem, i think there will be no leaves blooming at that branch, am i right?
I check my cctv pointing to my collection, somehow birds flying arround the treas and landed at the front of the pots.
I dont know to be exactly if the birds did something to that branch :slight_smile:

I wired that branch after theres a leaves blooming. I think i wired it correctly.

Whend arrived:

One week after:

(dave) #6

Dear jonas,
Tonight i check the tree, theres a wilt leaves on low branch also?
Is this root problem or fungus?
Should i repotting this tree?

(Jonas Dupuich) #7

If it is a root problem, It would likely be in the original root ball. Repotting when the tree is starting to grow puts it under a lot of stress.

If the branches don’t look broken (maybe by the bird) I’m guessing it’s the soil. Either watch the water carefully - not too wet or too dry - or repot, knowing that the tree may become weak or even die.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the basic repotting technique:

You might need to use tweezers or chopsticks to loosen the soil around the roots so you can mix in some new bonsai soil.

(mac4) #8

Possibly when the roots were pruned last, either by you to get in bonsai pot, or by the seller to you to make it fit a pot or package for shipping. If that branch had a major root, directly under it in the soil, that was feeding it and that root has been cut off, the lack of nourishment, food or water, traveling up the trunk is no longer there. That might make that branch die. Or at least drop it’s leaves until feeder roots form where the cut off root was. It’s possible that the branch could come back with leaves in a month or two.

What type of cherry tree are those and do they normally grow in Jakarta, Indonesia? I think of cherry trees as being a tree that normally grows in an area that the heat and humidity that you must see there. Do you have other cherry trees that are doing fine?

(mac4) #9

I meant to say:

I think of cherry trees as being a tree that normally doesn’t grow in an area that the heat and humidity that you must see there.

(Raymond Mack) #10

I’m with mac4, too hot in Indonesia if these are hardy Prunus species i.e. some type of Japanese cherry trees.