Chimeric Aesculus

I got this seedling last year because I liked the albino patterns. Apparently this isn’t uncommon to see in wild Buckeye seedlings, though obviously they die in the wild because they can’t photosynthesize well. I asked around if anyone in the area had seen one like this before and nobody had, so I figured I’d share some pics as it develops - has anynoe seen such a thing in a deciduous tree before?
Jay Macdonald is our local Buckeye expert and figured when it leafed out this year it would lose a lot of the albino leaves, but it seems to have opted to turn yellow in places instead. The yellow seems to tolerate sun better than the albino leaves did - they died and fell off quickly. Strange tree! Its growth also seems stunted compared to a normal Buckeye so I am hoping it stays small with these small internodes / foliage.

Last year’s leaves:

This year:

Cool foliage - I don’t know that I’ve seen it before!

Fascinating. Please keep us informed with more pictures as your tree grows. I’m particularly interested as to how the tree will do in direct sun. Will it need some shade or indirect light?

Last year I kept it shaded by other trees but the white leaves died and fell off anyway. I’m trying it in full sun for short durations this year and keeping a cautious eye on it - I’m pretty concerned about its ability to do photosynthesis, since right now out of 5 shoots only one is entirely green and another has a few green leaves.

Fall update: tree lost its leaves and went dormant around the end of June, so I potted it into a larger pot and did some cautious pruning while it was asleep. It’s already starting to wake up a bit. The sacrifice branch has all of the green foliage right now so we’ll see what happens when it leafs out again. I have to keep taking reference photos of the foliage to guide pruning because I don’t want to be left with too many white leaves. Having to keep an eye on the more vigorous parts of the plant though since it seem especially prone to reverse taper with these huge shoots coming out.