Chojubai cuttings

(Darren George) #1

Hi, love your blog and the great information you share :pray:

Please could you give me some tips for propagating Chojubai?

I’m particularly unsure about the size of cutting (length and calliper), time of year, and where to keep them (greenhouse or not, shade or sun etc). Or are they quite easy?

Hope you can help!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Chojubai are pretty easy to grow from cuttings. I usually take cuttings in May, though I think they’d grow most times of the year. I’ve mostly done them without a greenhouse, but they take really quickly inside greenhouses.

As for the length, I try to cut back to where there’s some woody growth. Cutting where the shoot is still soft doesn’t work as well for me. I usually do shoots between 2" - 4"+ though much longer can work inside a greenhouse.

One thing to try would be to wire the cuttings when you strike them. It could be a good way get good movement going as soon as possible.

All that said, the best way to propagate chojubai is by root cutting. Let a plant grow large and then cut lots of sections of woody roots and plant them in bonsai soil.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

I agree with Jonas, i prefer root cuttings. Also, they can have the advantage of natural movement without wiring to begin with.
Do not be surprised if your cuttings drop leaves and then redbud. Chojubai can be mysterious at times. I have often thought that some cuttings were dead when they came back to life and thrived. It is a plant that will drop foliage with stress and replace it quickly at times.

(Darren George) #4

Thanks Jonas, Frank, much appreciated