Cleaning- supplies and tools

(Atom) #1

Hey all,
What kind of products should i be using (or not be using for that matter) to clean my supplies and tools? I have gathered some lava rock “from the wild” and would like to clean it as much as possible without it being detrimental to the health of my future trees. I do not want to use something that can cause harm while touching roots or cutting branches or even potting with.
What are you humans using for cleaning your supplies and tools?

(Atom) #2

What about bleech disinfectant?

(Sely) #3

10 percent solution should be fine for about an hour. Rinse, wash and sun dried, if your worried about transmitting anything, or you can sterilize it in the oven.
For tools, I hand wash, dry and oil the hinge. But for the build-up of sap, I also use sandflex. I think that’s what it’s called. It lasts quite awhile as I still have 90% of it after 10 years. Hope this helps.

(Atom) #4

Yep, thanks. Not sure if gathering dirty and bacteria infested materials can be bad. Cheers

(Catherine Wolf) #5

For my tools I use pine based disinfectant called Hexol which you can find at Walgreens. It’s in a plastic bottle. I use a cotton ball to apply the solution undiluted onto my tools. Since it is pine oil based, it doesn’t promote rust. I also have an abrasive block that is sold by Joshua Roth to remove built up sap.

(Bruce Winter) #6

You must live near a volcano. Lava is inert so I don’t see a problem. As for tools. Most folks think clorox will do it but a USDA plant pathologist said it doesn’t protect from all pathogens but a 50% solution of Lysol concentrate will do it.


I disenfect my tools with alcohol. I do this after cleaning my tools, and often while working on my trees.