Coast Live Oak Cut Site

Oh No! This coast live oak did not listen to what I asked it to do! :slight_smile:

I was hoping for two shoots near each cut site, would have been quite happy with one.
But this!?? One vigorous shoot in the crotch!

This is similar and following some of the techniques shown in the Bonsai Tonight blog on coast live oaks. There were many other cuts on this same tree which had a great response, 2-3 shoots very near the cut site, so overall a success.

I am presenting this for advice and so that others may learn from my mistakes and that I may learn and do better next time.

What could I have done better?:

Were my cuts too close to the fork?
Tree not vigorous enough?
bad timing?
just bad luck?

Now that I am here?:

I am thinking to let this shoot flush and harden but keep the old forked piece and hope it puts some new buds out there for the spring flush. If it doesn’t, then i’d cut back to the new shoot and start over with this branch.

I guess the other option would be to pinch this new shoot off now and hope the tree responds and gets the message on where the new buds should be!

Thanks, Dave

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Bad luck is a good culprit, and beyond that, it could be that the cuts were too close to the split. I don’t worry when this happens because cutting further out might prevent you from making a more compact form.

Letting the branches grow thicker may have helped - how thick are the cut branches?

This happens to me too. I have yet to try pinching the bud when it’s still young like this. I’d be curious to hear how it goes, as long as you test with an expendable bud!

Cut branches are around finger size - not quite thumb sized.

I don’t think i am going to test pinching on this one, as I don’t want that branch to die back any further. I think I can improve the branch shape anyway starting wtih the shoot that is emerging now.

Thanks Jonas.

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