Coast Live Oak fungus question


I’m trying to dial in the care for this Coast Live Oak, and right now I’ve noticed what looks like fungus.It reminds me of the pic from your article “How to tell when something is wrong with your bonsai” from last year. This seems to coincide with all the rain we’ve been getting lately in the Bay Area, at least that’s when I really started to notice it. Is this tree getting too much water leading to fungus? Is it even fungus? What would you prescribe for a remedy?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The yellowing looks like some sort of stress to me. The spots look like fungus damage from last year - am not sure if it stems from over or under watering or from some other stress. The main thing will be to watch the new foliage when it comes out for signs of damage. Watching the watering carefully - try not to give too much or too little - is one of the best ways to avoid fungus problems.