Comienzos de Pino negro

(José Ignacio Araya Astete) #1

Hello, I am starting less than a year ago to work with black pines and I have developed a one year seed, I would like to ask you for a piece of advice, I send a photo so that you can see one of the little ones I am from Chile. Thank you very much

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The seedling looks good! I’d fertilize it lightly and let it grow for at least one year. In winter, I’d look to repot it into bonsai soil. The tree will be ready for some wiring in 1-2 years.

Here are some details for when it is time to wire:

And here is another approach:

(José Ignacio Araya Astete) #3

thanks for the help, I will put them in a bigger pot and let them grow