Complete Overview of Grafting for Bonsai

(Gabriele Monetti) #1

Can anybody recommend a source (book, magazine article, online article, video) of comprehensive, well documented, well illustrated information about grafting? It’s easy to find very well written bits and pieces of information about grafting from a variety of sources, but I can’t find a systematic source.

(Fábio Mendes) #2

Good Morning. below is a video about grafting. Estero that I help is spoken in Portuguese but has English subtitles. I hope to help.

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

I have The Grafter’s Handbook and The Manual of Plant Grafting. Both are good books, but most of what’s in there isn’t as relevant for bonsai. The Grafting Handbook has lots of good technical info.


Mr. Brent Watson has a good one on YouTube.