Contorted Quince sunburn or fungus?

Hey there!

I’m down in Los Angeles and planted this contorted quince in the ground in a grow bag in full sun, where it grew very well this spring but now is showing either sunburn or fungus. Any opinions on this? If it is sunburn, I need to move it to a shadier location asap as the heat is almost upon us!


Hello Keegan
From the pictures the leaves show different characteristics. Some appear to be older leaves in the process of turning yellow in preparation of shedding. The lower picture shows newer greener leaves with a bit of insect damage and possibly a bit of fungal issue.
I would reccomend placing in a shadier location being careful not to overwater and observing for a bit, rather than jumping to a treatment.

The first two photos show what looks like stress, whether from the sun and/or root conditions. The damage in the third photo could be from the sun or some other kind of physical damage.

Hard to say what’s causing the stress as I don’t recognize this kind of damage.