Cool Japanese Bonsai Blog

(Jeremiah Lee ) #1

Below is a link to a Japanese blog I really enjoy following. This artist seems to specialize in Shohin and smaller sized Bonsai. He works on trees in many different stages of development and creates Bonsai from seed, cutting and air layering frequently. Just like with Bonsaitonight, the author must invest a lot of time into his blog because of the frequent posts. Anyone have any other Japanese Bonsai Blogs they follow?

Here’s another that I have not read as much, but I enjoy as well:

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

This is great, thanks - I hadn’t seen either. It looks like the first one belongs to “Hiko-san,” the second to “Yokichi.”

The trees and work are good. I especially like Hiko-san’s drawings on the photographs - will have to try that some time.

(eric) #3

I had seen one of those, but not the second one. Thanks! How did you find them? It seems like there could be more.

(Jeremiah Lee ) #4

Someone in the US linked to the first one. I spent some time using google translate and searched related blogs link on the first site. It takes a lot of time because not everything is translated, but you can continue to look at related blogs. Here’s a few more, I hope to spend more time searching when I have the time and find some more.

(eric) #5

I found this one that’s been on Bonsai Bark a few times, althogh I think he gets them off Facebook. This is the image archive:

(Joe) #6

I’ve added a hand full of Japanese blogs to my links page here:

Also searching google with these terms can land more results:

“盆栽ブログ” (bonsai blog)
“盆栽日記” (bonsai diary)

(Jeremiah Lee ) #7

Nice list of links Joe, thanks!

(Darth Masiah) #8

hikos blog is so awesome