Cork Bark JBP questions on development

I just recently bought this little cork bark JBP. It’s grafted and I think about 3-4 years old.

Couple questions for everyone:

  1. What are the differences, if any, in terms of the development process for a cork bark JBP, versus a regular JBP? It seems to me that with the bark corking up over time, wiring branches early would be a priority. How late is too late when it comes to wiring? Aside from that, is there anything else to consider? Does the cork bark affect the ability to back bud?

  2. I was thinking in 5-10 years this could start to make a nice little shohin. If that is my goal, should I leave it in the same container or repot in spring (or maybe slip pot now) into something else? If repot, what size/type of container would be best? On other JBP I like to use colanders or terra cotta bulb pots.

  3. As far as winter hardiness is concerned, I was told by the seller that these are a little more sensitive to cold. Has everyone else found this to be the case or heard the same thing?

Thanks so much for your help

Good questions - I’ve found it harder to locate info about developing corking pines.

  1. The basic process is the same only it’s harder to bend later so getting this right up front is important. How late one can wire depends on the exact cultivar and the health of the branch. Some people have successfully bent branches that have started corking, but it’s risky once cork starts to form. (Maybe experiment on branches that aren’t important.) Some cultivars produce back buds easily - others don’t.

  2. If you want the trunk to get bigger, a bigger pot will speed things up. Terra cotta or colanders can both work well.

  3. I don’t have good info about cold hardiness - will be curious to hear if someone has experience with this.