Cork bark oak development

(Luigi Dell'orto) #1


I have this cork bark oakfrom nursery with me since a couple of years.

Last spring i did a major root pruning removing almost completely the tap root. I have also shorten it to the first significant branchselecting it to become new top.

My question is how to encourage the growth of specific branches. I have the impression that this oak growths more on some branchs then others.

Thank you


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Cutting back the branches and the roots at the same time can really slow the tree down. Ideally, the branches or trunk are reduced when there are lots of healthy roots so the tree can push lots of new growth.

At this point careful watering and lots of sun with some fertilizer will encourage new growth.

As for encouraging growth on some branches and not others, I don’t know of a good approach. What I do know is that wiring branches can slow them down.

(Luigi Dell'orto) #3

Hi Jonas,

Thank, you, I will follow your advice.

I also read your posts about coark bark oak development and I am courious to know how do you develop the branches and if there is any specific technique for the coark bark oak.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I don’t know that there are specific techniques for cork oak - I tend to build the branches similar to the way I make branches for other deciduous trees but with more movement. I’ll have more posts before long on the topic.