Cork Oak - air layer questions

Planning to air layer the top of this Cork Oak …the trunk diameter below the branch growing towards the left is about 4-5inches - picture 1 -… any suggestions on the length of the section of bark and cambium I should remove?
also tree is budding out well…is this best time to attempt the air layer?
Thank you for your input

I haven’t layered cork oak, but I usually prepare layers a bit later in spring (May) when the trees are growing vigorously.

In terms of how much bark to remove, the main thing is to completely clear the cambium from the area where the bark is removed. One inch is plenty for this.

Anyone have experience layering oaks?

I have not done oak but generally do many airlayers. For fast growing trees that heal wounds fast my rule of thumb is to make the height of the ring barked part longer than the diameter of the trunk to avoid bridging and it has been several years since I started fixing the wire that closes the packet of the airlayer at the lowest portion of the ring barked part to avoid bridging. I have had many more successful Layers this way. I also use 2 plastics a clear one under so I can inspect for roots without damaging any roots and black on top.
good luck.

thanks for the advice on the timing of the air layer…will postpone my attempt a few more weeks,
and will ensure to take off all the cambium.

thank you for your guidance on the amount of bark and cambium to remove…as well as the two layer of plastic idea…
Have you tried any air layers wrapping the cut with a pot filled with soil mix? the second air layer I plan to do (hoping first succeeds) is at the base of the tree …almost ground level.

Thank you

Here’s a link to details about air-layering with pot and soil:

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thanks for the post…was a great refresher on air layer…where do you purchase the white moss you use? is it available locally?
Thank you

I’ve seen the white moss at orchid nurseries and Home Depot. Online can also be a good option. It’s referred to as white sphagnum moss, New Zealand sphagnum moss, or orchid moss.

Jonas …thanks for the input… will start with HD nearby…

Jonas…thanks for the tip…Home Depot in Concord has the long sphagnum moss…so now just waiting for the right time to do these air layer projects…cork oak, arbutus, and also some elms… Thx Tony

I am layering a large corck oak.
it didn’t root last year so I reopened the callus and hope for a better luck this time.
the tree was in horrible soil and in poor condition. I should have change the soil and wait a year… anyway, I cleaned a good deal of it and now it is blooming everywhere. ill update if there will be any roots.
sorry for the poor picture quality

this is the callus after the first year

the tree

That looks great Shay - the callous is a good sign. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

I’ll update later on.

Shay thank you for posting the pictures of your cork oak air layer project…I will be making several air layers on 4-5 cork oaks in my yard and will follow up with photos… good luck with your project! Thanks

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and many congratulations on your blog and work on bonsai.
This year I’m going to collect a Cork oak. and I came here to ask how I can make the taper of a trunk with 5 fingers in diameter already with cork?

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