Cork/Wing Bark Elm

I just recently acquired a cork/wing bark elm. Do they have any special requirements or does anyone have any suggestions or comments. Also, can someone offer any tips or suggestions on wiring it without damaging the cork wings?

Any comments would be appreciated.

They’re strong growers in their native environment, not sure if there are any special requirements to help keep them healthy. And will be very interested if anyone has suggestions for wiring once the wings appear. The typical approach is to wire the branches when they are young, before the wings develop.

My winged elm is thriving after three years. I have wired most branches early on, and haven’t applied any wire on winged branches.

In my experience, these trees love to back bud on old wood, and near any recent large cutbacks. I’d love to add more of these to my collection (they are prolific here in Central NC).

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