Crabapple side graft

had grafting this crabapple in my plans for some time…and finally did a couple of grafts in Feb 2018 using 2 shoots that had grown from the roots of the parent crabapple. one of the grafts failed in the early stages and had though that the second had also failed and what i saw growing was just a low shoot that had developed near the location of the graft. While doing some cleanup work with plants on the same bench i decided to take away the tape and remains of the plastic bag on both grafts.
What a surprise to see that what I though was a shoot was actually the graft that had healed well and was growing strong!..

Looks like it could be time to cut back the root stock…any thoughts?


Ha, that’s so cool the graft took! A good way to think about replacing the old foliage with the new is that you don’t want to make big cuts until there is as much foliage on the scion as there is on the rest of the tree. Naturally that will take a while, so I’d reduce the foliage on the rest of the tree gradually, maybe in 3-4 stages over the course of a year. Once there is more foliage on the scion, you can make one or two final reductions and the new tree will be ready to go.

1 of 2 is good percentage! happy with the one that took…
Will start to cut the root stock back per your comments…the parent tree is growing very aggressively so may try again with couple more grafts in Jan/Feb.

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