Cryptomeria air layering

Hi Jonas,
I have a tall cryptomeria which I want to reduce its height. I know that cryptomeria reacts well to air layering. I have only one experience with air layering in a ficus. It was very successful. Now I’m preparing for my cryptomeria. What is your recommendation for timing? When to start and when to finalize air layering for that tree? I know that climate matters.

I’m writing from SE Europe, we have a climate which is a combination of continental climate and Mediterranean climate. Hot and occasionally rainy summers and colder winters routinely going below -10 degrees Celsius. But the temperature don’t drop below zero before December. Warm weather till late October.

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Cryptomeria are the easiest thing I’ve ever air-layered. I usually start in May with the goal of separating late winter/early spring when I’d normally repot and I’m in the SF Bay Area (Mediterranean climate). It would probably work if you did it now, but I wouldn’t recommend it. The next best time is late winter/early spring when you’d normally repot. Whichever time you choose you’ll have to protect the roots from temperature extremes (hot & cold).

Good luck.


Thank you for your reply. I think it will be better to wait till spring. I have coco peat and sphagnum moss, I know that moss is a better medium for air layering. I’ll use moss.


Am curious about your goal with the layer - are you looking to make two trees, or do you not like the bottom part of the tree? If you like the lower trunk and roots you can simply prune the trunk.

As for the layer timing, I do exactly what Danny recommends :slight_smile:

Dear Jonas,
Thank you for your reply. I’m ok with the lower part of the tree. Yes, I can prune but the tree is too much tall and somewhat off-balanced. As seen from the photos, it is leaning. I think, air layering will be good to reduce its height. I’ll get 2 trees and balance. I’ll wait till early spring and do the layering than.

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