Cryptomeria development

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #1

Hi there,

I am developing a cryptomeria from cutting. I am not sure where I have to start developing branches or just let it grow to develope the trunk and taper. Should I consider to plant it in the ground to speed up the trunk development? Or I will have a better plant if I develop it in the pot?

Thank you!

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #2

(Frank Corrigan) #3

It depends on what your plan for the tree is. If you want a thicker trunk then it will grow faster in the ground. If you want some movement in the trunk then it should be wired before the trunk gets too thick.
The branches will be placed in accordance with your plans for the tree style and size.
First you need a plan, then work backwards to develop the trunk, then primary branches, then secondary branches etc.

(Les Lonsdale) #4

I agree with Frank. If it was mine, I would stick that puppy in the ground with a tile under it (for horizontal root growth) and stake it until the roots can keep the plant firm in the soil. Just let it grow 2 or 3 yrs until the trunk gets nearly as large as you envision the final tree. Encourage lower growth to help increase the girth. I, personally think that cryptomeria make great formal uprights!

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Ditto what Frank and Les said. Growing cryptomeria works well in the ground or in containers. The usual trade-off applies - the tree will grow faster in the ground but you’ll find it easier to care for trees in pots.

As for the branches, I’d focus on the trunk exclusively for a while and focus on the branches later.

If you have access to old Bonsai Today articles, check issues 29 and 31 as they both have good info about developing cryptomeria, especially issue 31.