Cryptomeria elegans nana. Nursery stock

I just picked up 3 Cryptomerias for a great deal. I have a question about starting there training.
These guys are not from a bonsai nursery so they have been in a 3 gallon liners for god knows how long. The info I could find says to litely repot and thin foliage in mid spring. I’ve wrestled the sand and potting mix from the top 2 inches of the surface and cleanly trimmed the roots back to thickest portion of the truck. Then sawed an inch or so off the bottom, there was no chance of combing the roots out. Would it be a bad time to thin the foliage, since I went pretty hard on the root reduction?
This one isn’t such a big deal since I’ll layer off one or both the leaders later this year.
Zone 7 SC I’ll try to attach some after photos tomorrow.

I’ll post after pics tomorrow

Summer, around August, and the dormant season are two times when cryptomeria are pruned. Waiting a couple months will give you an idea about how the tree fared after the repotting.

3 of 3 crypto experiment.
Coppertop here again
I spent +/-2 hrs sawing the perimeter inch or so off the exterior and chipping picking the top 2 inches of surface soil and roots with a mai-tu-lee (Lao for chop sticks). My old lady pitching in.

Spent +2hours picking and chipping 1/2 the root mass off number two. + a quick jet of water.

1and 2 were planted in shallow -wide pans, with 1/3 turface and 2/3 pine bark, two be mounded with mulch.

3 was the best tree with a inch base and lots of branches. I now had a more practice at handling these super compacted root systems. The worst I’ve ever seen. The substrate was really sand and the remaining inner layers of bark chips, and a matrix of dry root straw packed nearly as tight as sphagnum blocks.
I picked and clipped down to the the root flare, sawed the edges off and picked for 4 hours. Roots hanging.
I’veleft it to soak in a bucket of super thrive and seaweed overnight still has a packed area under the base.

I have a box 2x as wide than required but shollow. This one I think I’ll pot with pumice and pine bark.

It will be hot here in z7 / 80-90/ SC in a month and We are always in a summer drought. I can’t remember seeing taxis shrubbery in my area. That concerns me a little. An occasional black dragon gives me hope.
I’m all up for suggestions on the third one

Sorry for the long post
I just got rolling.

Cryptomeria are known for producing lots of roots - what you found is typical of healthy specimens that have gone more than a year without repotting.

As for the 3rd tree, what kind of suggestions are you looking for?