Daconil as a Preventative Dormant Spray & Compatible w/ Horticultural/Mineral/Neem Oil?

Can Daconil be used as a preventative (for fungus) Dormant spray for Deciduous young trees, saplings and shrubs?
(some of my Deciduous plants get brown patches on branches/twigs, which I believe is a fungus problem)

Also, is it safe to use and can Daconil be used at the same time (compatible with) with All Seasons Horticultural Mineral Oil and/or Neem Oil?
I know Mineral/Neem Oil sprays shouldn’t be used with Sulfer-based dormant sprays; but I am unsure if they can be used with Daconil.

What are other recommended Dormant sprays? Copper? Is Copper compatible with Mineral/Neem/Horticultural Oil sprays?


I tend to avoid fungicides unless I know what I’m up against as each is only effective against specific organisms. If you have an idea of what the problem is, it’s a lot easier to combat it.

I’d expect the labels of Daconil and the oils to include details about what they can be mixed with.

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