Dead or alive? Or a zombie?

(Mert Çiftdemir) #1

I have a neglected Cedrus libani. I was thinking that it has already died. A couple of days ago I checked it again and scrathedthe bark. Seeing green and healthy looking cambium layer under the bark was surprising. Also the discolored needles are very soft and flexible. Can it be still alive? 092DCEEF-44CF-499E-AB6A-CC3CAC5575964D603C44-72B5-49A6-8C6D-B62BBBEC6B5D

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Doesn’t look good. If you think there’s a chance of survival, watch the water carefully and wait until spring to see what, if anything, happens.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #3

Hi Jonas,
Thank you for the reply. I will keep it till spring as you said.

(Justin) #4

if a branch snaps like a twig then its dead.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #5

Branches are still very flexible. And the discolored needles are also not brittle, they are soft and flexible. So, I hope it’ll survive. If the tree can survive, I’ll share the photos in the spring


please do share as i’m really interested. that’s because i have neglected Cedrus libani myself too and I’m also thinking that it has died with symptoms similar to yours. however I am still going to try to revive it and I’m interested to know if your would survive. thank you! if you find some tips, please share them too!

(Mert Çiftdemir) #7

Of course I will share. But we have to wait till spring. There won’t be any sign of life in the dormant period even if it is alive.

(Corey Feuge) #8

Use the scratch test. Scratch away a little uf the the bark, if it is green or white under the bark=alive brown=dead

(Mert Çiftdemir) #9

I’ve scratched and saw the green cambium layer just under the bark. You’ll see if you read the post.


Could it possibly be from the effects of winter burn on evergreen conifers like in larches and such?

(Mert Çiftdemir) #11

I dont think so. Because it was partially green in early summer.