Decandling approach red pine

Trying to stay on the topic of major pruning. This Red Pine came to me last spring. It’s a long leggy beast and I would like to start refining the major branches into larger denser foliage pads, as it appears to be predestined for that. It was repotted this spring into an inorganic mix and seems to be doing fine so far. Currently fertilizing. I’m in the arid portion of British Columbia.
My thoughts are that once decandling time comes I will decandle where there is already some density, cut back to older needles in some cases to encourage needle buds/back buds and to cut back strongly in the last summer early fall on the branches that have grown way out of profile hoping for additional back budding.
Does this seem like a rational approach? Given the large amount of spaces between the branches should I just leave it this decandling season and cut back in the fall.Any advice is greatly appreciated.