Decandling Japanese Black Pine

(Nat Grapa) #1

Hi I Bought a JBP last March and the previous owner accidentally cut of on of the top branch young Candle it Budded after several weeks , now my question is , is it ok to decandle it again ?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Are these photos of the same tree? Based on what I see in the first photo, I wouldn’t recommend decandling - I’d let the tree grow and then thin branches and needles in fall.

The shoots in the second photo look great - these I’d decandle (unless these are the shoots that have already been removed).

BTW - if you’re in San Diego, I’ll be presenting there on pines at the November meeting.

(Nat Grapa) #3

Yes its the same tree the first Pics is when I purchase the tree the second pics is the one I’m asking about that the previous owner accidentally remove that candle and rebud after several weeks , should i decandle it again this coming June or leave it alone?

Nice Jonas can’t wait to see you in the meeting:)

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Thanks Nat - that’s what I thought. I wouldn’t decandle again. I’d hold off on the fertilizer for about a month and then start feeding again. Depending on the growth you get this summer, you may be on track for the standard fall work of cutback and needle pulling.

(Nat Grapa) #5

Thanks Jonas looking forward to meet you in our San Diego Meeting this coming november