Decandling JBP Calendar vs. Needles emerging


I live in New England (6b) and feel like I’m in between two pieces of instruction in your decandling blog.

On one hand, I should be decandling based on the calendar because the growing season here is shorter than other areas and I need the new shoots to harden off before fall. On the other hand the candles are still pretty immature and haven’t started extending their needles yet. Feels like I should decandle? I don’t fully understand the importance of waiting for needles to extend.

Super jealous of Zones 8+ right now! Thank you!

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This is interesting - good question Michael! My guess is that many mention waiting for the leaves to harden off as that happens to be a good time for decandling for many - but not all - black pine growers. Waiting for spring growth to harden off before cutting is also the general rule for many deciduous varieties.

When it comes to decandling, waiting for spring growth to harden off may be too late for climates where spring comes late and fall comes early. I’d let experience be your guide and cut as early as need be to get the summer growth you’re looking for.