Defoliating Bald Cypress

Hello Community:

I’ve had a bald cypress for just under a year. It came bare of leaves and grew very vigorously in the spring summer and fall. It seems to have gone dormant but is not showing any signs of dropping its leaves. I’ve given some a gentle tug and they’re still firmly attached. I live in the city of SF where the winter is very mild. Do I need to assist this tree with dropping its leaves as it would in its natural habitat or just let it do what it wants in this mild climate?

Thanks for the help.

San Franciscan here - my maples are only just losing leaves now, sometimes it takes a long time here. I know there’s a big bald cypress by a school near me that has turned brown but still has all its leaves, I’d wait it out if they’re not getting moldy or anything.

thanks sal
seems like sound advice