Defoliation of Laurel Oak

(mac4) #1

This is brought to mind from a previous post by Jonas.

I have a Laurel Oak. Laurel Oaks drop say 50% of their leaves in early winter, here in the Piedmont area of NC. They continue to hold leaves till early spring then drop the remainder all at once, two or three weeks later new buds start opening.

We have a wonderful Winter Silhouette Exhibition in NC the first weekend in December. My Laurel Oak would be a candidate for the theme of the exhibition were it not for the leaves clinging to the branches.

Anyone have good knowledge, not speculation, as to how the tree would react to complete defoliation near the end of November. Would it sit idle over the winter and then, at the time it normally would, send out new leaves? Would it miss the leaves in late November and immediately, after a few weeks pause, sent out new ones? Would it just pitch a hissy fit and I’d find out I killed it when the spring flush doesn’t happen?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

From Bill Valavanis (via J. Noga): if half the leaves have fallen off the tree the rest are also ready to fall off. So there is no problem in removing them if they want to show the tree at the Winter Silhouette show.