Dehydrated Bald cypress?

(Christopher Garrett) #1

I just purchased a Bald cypress from the Bonsai show last weekend. I brought it home Sunday, it was very dry, I’ve been watering it every morning. By evening the soil is moist. I’m guessing it hasn’t been repotted in years. Today I noticed the foliage is drying out and falling off. I’m concerned that all the foliage will be gone in a week or less at this rate. I have it in 50% shade. What can I do help it?

(Mauricio Santinelli) #2

Hi christopher,

It needs sun, and a lot of water, in fact it is called “swamp cypress” so you have to put a dish with water down so that the roots are always wet.


(Christopher Garrett) #3

Thank you, Mauricio. I’ll do that.

(Christopher Garrett) #4

Thank you for saving my tree. It looks so much better, it’s green and lush. the foliage isn’t falling off or drying out. Its a lot happier!

(Mauricio Santinelli) #5


I’m glad that it is better, then you show us photos of the tree if you can.


(Christopher Garrett) #6

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This is the photos of when I brought the tree home.
This is one of the branch’s that lost it’s foliage. It’s budding out already.