Designing a young JBP


Reading from previous threads I have learned that letting young JBPs grow until you reach the desired thickness of the trunk before you start pruning from the top part of the tree is the best way to go. However, please excuse my newbie thought and idea and correct me if what I have in mind is wrong.
So I was thinking of maintaining the current size and start promoting branches in specific areas of this young tree on the picture.

  1. I was wondering, come decandling time will it work if I cut the dominant apical candle down to the growth line or maybe half of it’s length and keep the budding branch beside it and use it as a sacrificial branch?
  2. If I do that, can I expect branches to develop in the areas where I intentionally left needles on the lower part of the tree?
  3. Will the multiple provisions for sacrificial branches at the lower area and the top make it possible to eventually achieve desired thickness/ tapering whilst maintaing the current size of the tree?


I’d let the tree grow for another year before decandling or doing major cutback. The tree doesn’t have a lot of foliage and you get the best response from pruning or decandling when the tree is growing vigorously and has an established root system.

If the tree is strong, you can expect new buds to appear where there are needles if you cut at decandling time.

The lowest branches will only help thicken the bottom inch or so of the trunk so they won’t be necessary. I’d leave them for now to help the roots get established and remove them when the tree looks full.

I see, thank you Jonas. Cheers