Dip 'n Grow Vs. Hormodin & Clonex

I am looking for any words of wisdom to propagate Japanese Black Pine seedlings and Junipers. Any good experience with any particular rooting hormone? Much appreciate any details. What has worked for you?

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I have very little experience with different hormones but had luck with different approaches. Juniper cuttings take easily in a variety of conditions, and pine seeds sprout easily after brief refrigeration. Would love to hear from others about this.

Here’s info about hormones for making seedling-cuttings if you’re curious:


Don’t have a lot of experience either. Have used a liquid, a powder and a gel, each a different brand. In my hands, the best results for conifers, common deciduous trees and my spouse’s fuchsias has been the gel.
Of course, care must be taken with choice of rooting media and humidity levels.