Does anyone have actual plans for making a bonsai wire holder/dispenser


More and more I am seeing wire dispensers being used in photos of work shops. Some are old ones not made any more like the green Meco ones. Some are expensive Japanese sourced ones. Many from Europe are hand made. Does anyone have actual plans for making a bonsai wire holder/dispenser?

(Phil Krieg) #2

We made bonsai wire caddies last year. Here is the article we published:
How to Make a Wire Caddy
List of Materials:
• ¼” diameter threaded rod approximately 20” long or as long as you require
• Eight (8) ½” plywood disks 7” diameter. The first or bottom disk can be larger – your choice.
• PVC spacers 2 3/8” diameter cut into lengths of approximately 2 1/2”. If your wire is thicker than cut to longer lengths but make sure your treaded rod is also longer.
• One (1) 6” diameter lazy Susan from a home improvement center like Lowes or Home Depot.
• Two (2) threaded T nuts.
• Handle can be fabricated from wood or you can buy one from the hardware department of the home improvement center.

Fabrication and Assembly:
• Fabricate the ½” plywood disks with a routed channel in which to fit the PVC spacers.
• Cut your PVC into desired lengths and glue them into the channels of the spacers.
• Screw on the nail clip to one end of the threaded rod and hammer into the first plywood disk. This is the base of the caddy.
• Screw on the Lazy Susan to the bottom of the base disk.
• Slide on the Plywood disks with PVC spacers onto the rod.
• Screw on the top disk with your handle.

Total cost for material is approximately $30 depending upon your selection of the wood disks and Lazy Susan. Our plywood disks are “cabinet grade” plywood with a pre-finished surface. Luckily, we have a cabinet maker as a member of our club and he set up jigs for producing them in batches of 12. Many thanks to Craig Brown and his skills as a real carpenter…!

Bonsai Society of Southwest Florida

PS I have a photo of the finished product but wasn’t allowed to upload it…?


This sounds great. Can you shoot me the pic to [email protected].

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Sure, they’re at the office computer so will send them in the am…

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@TisIinflorida - feel free to try the photo upload again, it should work now.

(Phil Krieg) #6

Here is one assembled…

(Neli Stoyanova) #7

Check here how I made mine but it is just from what I could find around. I also use several 2 inch pipes >different height joined in a pot with soil for pieces of wire.