Does anyone have photos of the winning trees from the 2014 GSBF Convention?

The 37th Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention in Sacramento, CA included a judged exhibit. GSBF posted a list of winners on Facebook:

The winners were:
Best Shohin – Helen Sakaishi for her exquisite little Azalea
Deciduous – Bob Bugay for his unusual slant-trunk/broom style Chinese Elm
Best Broadleaved Evergreen – Sam Adina for his impressive Olive
Best Conifer, Best Of Show and People’s Choice awards were won by Richard Trumm for his complexly styled Sierra Juniper

The bonsai entries were judged by the GSBF Convention 37 headliners Peter Tea, David DeGroot and Kathy Shaner.

I have photos of two of the trees but not the others - does anyone have photos of the other winning trees?

Sierra Juniper by Rick Trumm

Olive by Sam Adina

Pics showed up in December on the GSBF blog: