Does this Black Pine have needle cast?

I bought an “Ondae” cultivar Japanese Black Pine in February and repotted it in March. It seemed to be doing well, but over the summer, I have found what seems to be needle cast on its needles. Tips of some needles are turning brown at the tips and towards the ends, some needles are turning yellow after the tips of the needles turn brown and fall off (these have bugs on them that you can see if you look closely), and some needles have yellow spots and bands on them. Up until I saw the bugs, I was planning to treat the fungus with Bonide Copper Fungicide, Daconil, and Bonide Infuse. Now I am wondering if it is actually a insect problem I need to be treating for. What do you think this is? Here are pictures:

I do not see the familiar needle cast bands. Also i have found that needle cast usually affects the older needles. This damage appears throughout regardless of needle age.The marks appear consistent with biting/sucking insect damage. My inclination would be to treat first with an insecticidal soap. The bugs visible are cute but they do appear to have biting,sucking mouth parts as well as being quite numerous.
If the damage continues then further treatment with a fungicide could be considered.

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