Dying bonsai, too late to save?

(Juhi) #1

I left my bonsai to be taken care of by my sister while on holiday. Unfortunately the bonsai seems dead.

It is a Japanese pepper tree. Is there anything i can do for it? Im wondering what caused it to die, it had been watered. I feel as temperature is low here, it might have just got too cold for it.

Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The most common culprit is letting the tree dry out at least one time. The best thing to try at this point is to dig down into the rootball about .5-.75 inches and see if the soil is wet or dry. Going forward, water the tree well, ensuring that the entire rootball is moistened, and then wait for it to get mostly, but not completely dry (maybe 70% dry in the top .5" of soil) before watering again.

Am also curious if the tree is kept indoors or outside. It would be difficult to keep this tree healthy indoors.