Dysfunctional red maple

I am too close, apparently, to these two maples to figure out what is wrong with them. This photo is of a RED jap maple that I yamadoried from a subdivision entrance two years ago. It is not red, and the leaves are dusty grey as well as fragmenting. I check its moisture every day, but it tends to read wet. So, I water it about 3-5 days intervals. Am I missing the source of injury? Is it underwatered?

There could be several things going on. Does the tree have powdery mildew?

As for the missing bits, that could be caused by chomping insects or by getting beat up as a result of bumping into something (like a fence, the pot, a branch, etc.).

Powdery mildew is an option, but only present on one tree. They are beneath a weeping willow and the branchlets contact the maple canopy. I’ll treat for PM and have moved the trees to more sunlit area. Frustrating! I miss issues because I’m too close to them to be objective.