Elevated roots on Black Pine

There are two roots that leave the trunk of this Austrian Black Pine well above the current soil level. They look really odd. Perhaps it had been planted much deeper at one time. So my question is, can I reattach these roots lower down by say drilling a small hole at soil level in the trunk slightly larger than the root, cut the root off where it enters the trunk, insert the root and wire it into place in the new hole. The other option is to just cut the roots off but there is already a lack of surface roots. On the flip side, holes in the trunk where the attempt failed won’t be much fun either! Any ideas?

April 6, 2020 ![April 6, 2020|640x480]

I would be inclined to take a different approach to removal of the higher roots.
I would assume that they are still important to the overall root system therefore I would not just cut them off! First I would check the root ball to ensure that other roots were present beneath the surface and supporting the tree. If that was the case, then I would proceed.
I would work with them one at a time over a two year period. Choosing the uppermost root I would wrap a wire around the root and twist until it begins to cut into the bark. One month later I would twist it a bit tighter and repeat in another month. At the end of the growing season I would cut off that root.
The following year I would deal with the second root in the same manner.
This approach encourages the tree to become more dependant on its other roots and develop more supporting roots below the surface before they are removed.
Please note; the second root is close enough to the soil that bending the root and changing the planting angle may also be an option if the tree has very few other roots.
I believe the key to this issue is to carefully assess the situation first and then proceed slowly on the basis of what you find.
Good luck

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Thanks Frank! Appreciate your input!

I second what Frank has described. And agree that the lower root could be wired and bent down just like you would wire a limb and bend. the lower root could be an asset in the future of the tree.