Evaluating jbp graft success

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Hello Jonas,

A jbp was grafted a couple of months ago. In one graft, all the needles are browning, however the candles haven’t dried up yet. Is there still hope? Or am i out of luck this year?



(Frank Corrigan) #2

Hi Brian
In my experience whenever the needles on a JBP graft turn brown it has failed. On occasion one or two needles may brown due to damage during the grafting process or slower joining of the cambium. But in these cases the rest of the needles remain green.
It never hurts to wait and see if the candle begins to extend or starts to dry up.
Hope this helps.
Best in Bonsai

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Yeah, odds are low but I’d wait and see as it’s possible for the bud to move.

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The grafting scion is typically a certain size. Approximately 1/4 inch diameter to 5/16 inch. The chisels used are dependant on the scions used and the method selected for creating the cut or cuts. I have four grafting chisels. For the task you are describing i would use a wider one to make the straight cut and a narrower one 3/8" to make the scion entry cut. Cleaning away the bark in the area prior would be done with a wider chisel as well.
I strongly reccomend that you have an experienced person show you how to graft. Rather than just attempt it. The devil is in the details. For example the chisels are shaped and sharpened in particular patterns to improve the results.