Exposed root technique

Hi Jonas and all. A while ago I purchased screen from your store to cover the holes in the pots and it is perfect. Now I’m seeing another use buy a Japanese grower on Instagram. At some point in the process, he is encircling the rootball with screen creating beautiful nabari. I have included a couple of screenshots.

I’m curious as to how and when this is accomplished in the growing process. Specifically, I have 3 year old quince, JPB, etc that will need to be repotted in spring so I’d like to know what you would suggest. I could just keep experimenting on my own, but I might miss something that you could offer here!

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the lost art of the triple pot technique revealed :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my, it IS triple potted isn’t it? :upside_down_face:

There are two basic approaches for setting this up. The first is creating the container and planting a young tree so the roots can grow into the medium. The second is to remove the soil from a slightly older tree and surround it with the medium (e.g. XL sized pumice).

If the roots on your 3yr old trees are still flexible, you could bare-root them and plant them into a deep container. Note that bare-rooting might not be possible with conifers like pine as it’s a stressful process. This will depend on how large the trees are.

Here’s an example of creating exposed roots with young trees:

And here’s an example of how you might go about doing this with slightly older trees:

There’s more on the topic here:

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Thanks for your reply. I am going to give both of your approaches a try this spring and see what happens. I love how yours turned out. Your step by step instructions and pictures are great!

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