Exsposed roots red pine development

(Luigi Dell'Orto) #1

Dear all,

inspired by Jonas work I started three years ago my own exsposed roots red pine from seed. Here are some photos of the actual stage of development.

My question is, when should I start to exspose the roots? it is too early or I can remove few centimeters of the ground?

Thanks for your advices

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Looks great! As for exposing the roots, I’d think about starting in a year or two. Some people kick off the process early, I usually wait a bit longer - am not sure it makes a big difference either way.

Once I do start exposing the roots, I begin by exposing just enough to where I can see the roots. If they are small, I stop there and let the roots thicken before investigating further. If they are a good size, I’ll expose a bit more.