Fall collection of deciduous trees


I would like to start a discussion on collecting deciduous trees outside the preferred collecting window and what husbandry techniques would improve rates of success.
Mid October zone 7
For instance I have a large Chinese Elm stump that was planned to be collected next spring, the owner is doing demo this week. I was able to prune a few large roots last year.
The plan is to get any feeder roots possible, but i’m assuming they will be scarce. Bareroot to the root stumps, backfill with sifted bark & perlite. Put it in a box and wait for spring. My concern is the tree is still in green leaf what if it buds out. Should I keep it in the shade until everything’s dormant. Any suggestions?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

If the tree is healthy, there’s a good chance it could do well. As you noted, getting as many roots as possible and watching the water carefully after transplanting will be the most important thing.

Protecting the tree from the sun is a good idea if lots of roots are disturbed.

I’d be interested to hear from others who have dug or transplanted Chinese elm outside of the dormant season.

(Frank Corrigan) #3

With respect to husbandry techniques that may improve chances for success, consider the following, provision of bottom heat, misting, and protection from frost. I have had the most success with horticultural pumice as the substrate.