Fall Color & Threadgraft Progress

Thought I would share the fall color of these Shisishigara maples. After defoliation it is easier to check the progress of thread grafting for primary branch placement. Will wait for spring now before cutback and planning further grafting if desired.



Good work! Looks like the ramification is coming along fine!


Happy with the progress so far. Would feel better if I had not broken the odd branch inadvertently :wink:
This species can be very brittle to work with, the slightest mistake can slow progress. Patience and care is required.

Gorgeous! The branches are coming along great Frank.

Thanks Jonas, small improvements over time eventually show up! Waiting for the day when it reveals itself the way it is intended! Lots of work still.

Those are beautiful! Are they on their own roots?

Thank you.
Yes both trees are on their own roots. The mature bark coloration is just beginning to extend from the base up as the tree’s mature. The newer trunk and branch growth is green with the bases turning white/gray as they mature.
Fall time is a great for color and exciting to see the grafting progression. Even with thinning foliage a couple of times during the growing season it is difficult to see the structure with this species.