Fall cutback of ulums parv.?

(mark comstock) #1

The growing season officially ended yesterday here in Connecticut with a 26 degree temperature reading. Im starting to move crops into winter storage and was wondering if I can do cutbacks to seiju, yatubusa and corticosa elms?, or should this be done early spring? Im dealing with time management issues and would like to get this out of the way now but certainly don’t want to harm the crops. Any ideas would be helpful

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Hi Mark! Typically cutting back a bit earlier would be good as the wounds could seal themselves ahead of winter. The main rule for fall cutback is to cut and then see if the tree bleeds. If it bleeds, then put off the cutback. The other big consideration is that if very cold temps cause dieback, they will either cause dieback on branches you’ll be removing in spring, or causing dieback on the branches that remain if you cutback now.

You might try cutting a few now and see how it goes, saving the rest of the cutback for early spring - the best time for cutback.

(mark comstock) #3

Thank you for your reply