FAQ about phytosanitary certificates - 2015 Artisans Cup

This topic contains information about phytosanitary certificates required for California residents interested in displaying bonsai at the 2015 Artisans Cup in Portland, Oregon. This topic will be updated to reflect current information. Feel free to post questions below.

From Bob Shimon:

I assume by now you are aware of the Artisan’s Cup which will be held in Portland on Sept 25 - 27. It has been a long and challenging road for Ryan Neil, with the help of his wife Chelsea, to bring this long anticipated event to the bonsai community.

Information on submitting a tree for the exhibition is available in the Artisan’s Cup publicity, which is now available on their web site theartisanscup.com. I have heard a number of Californians express their reluctance to send a tree out of state for fear of not being able to bring it back into California. The purpose of this article is to assure you that it is possible, and how it will work.

My son Zack and I vend at shows in Oregon and Washington on a regular basis. We get an agriculture permit from our county inspector and have all the necessary paperwork when we return to California. We used the same process in delivering exhibit trees back to the National Show in N.Y. with no problem at all. In fact, when stopped at the inspection station coming home, I showed them the paper work, and they waved us on without even looking at the trees.

If you decide to submit a tree for the exhibition, and it is accepted, then contact me, and I will get the necessary information that I will need for the permit. I will be driving a truck to deliver the trees up to Portland and probably head back home Sunday after the show or first thing Monday morning. We will also need to co-ordinate the pickup and return of your tree.

My contact is Bob Shimon at (707) 884-4126, shimon at mcn dot org. I hope to see everyone in Portland.


This is a very nice offer from Bob. Thank you for sharing it. I’ve forwarded it to Eric Schrader. BSSF is trying to get Eric to submit trees for consideration for the Artisan’s Cup. If any of you see Eric, tell him he should do it. BSSF will pay the fee for up to two trees for any member that is accepted into AC.

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