Fertilize young pines

Hi, would like to know how and when to start fertilizing couple months old young pine tree planted on (pumice, lava and Akadama) soil mix, such as what fertilizer, amount and frequency etc.


The approach will depend on the grower and to a certain extent the specific plans for the seedlings. One approach is detailed in an article by Kusido Matsuo contained in Masters Pine Series. Original article was contained in Bonsai Today .
The overall scheme is to use organic fertilizer, begin with lower dosage and build up as the tree progresses over the years.
Year one builds from one cake to four throughout the growing season, Year two increases to six cakes ( balls) .
Year five to 10 the numbers are up to ten to twelve cakes or balls of organic fertilizer.
It must be noted that this is in conjunction with a free draining inorganic soil mix and frequent watering.
In my nursery i have found that smaller amounts still obtain impressive results. Year one i use one or two cakes, year two to four i am using four cakes, add two, then add two more two weeks later.
I have used some other types of fertiliser at times but discontinued most when the results did not match the organic fertiliser results.
In short, start slower and build the amount over time.

  • Heavier amounts of fertiliser must be accompanied by copious amounts of water and correct type of soil for the best results.
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@Riversedgebonsai, do you use Bio Gold?
I am using the pellets sometimes directly on the soil, sometimes inside tea bags (so the soil keeps “clean” of organic residues). Are the teabags making it more difficult for the roots to absorb the nutrients?

I use a formulae that i make.
Consists of Neem Meal, Bone Meal, Blood Meal, and Alaskan Brand Fish Fertiliser.
The tea bag just holds the fertiliser while it decomposes over time, the nutrients are washed into the soil mix when the pot is watered. The purpose of the tea bag is to reduce the compaction of free draining soil by adding organic directly to the soil. They also have the added benefit of aiding control over fertiliser timing due to the fact that they are simple to remove and reapply as desired.
They can become a target for curious birds, squirrels, cats, to name a few! Since I switched from cottonseed meal to Neem Meal i have had fewer issues with insects and small brown furry hobbies. Aka ( mice) i believe the Neem Meal has deterrent properties. ( likely tast and smell)