Fertilizer, a few quick questions

I recently mixed my own slow release fertilizer. 3 parts cotton seed meal 1 part blood meal 1 part bone meal 1 part lime and 1 ounce of fish emulsion for every pound of dry ingredients. I added the fish emulsion without having my tea bags. I was wondering if there would be any adverse affects on the fertilizer if it sits in a tub in a cool dry spot before I put it in the tea bags? Also does anyone know where to get 1000 empty tea bags for a decent price? Thanks

It’s fine for the fertilizer to sit before adding it to the trees - it might even be beneficial.

I use folding tea bags from Daiso, about 100 for $1.50.

Thank you very much Jonas. I’m going to check Daiso for the bags. That’s the best deal I’ve seen. I’ve got to check my ph on my fertilizer, do some adjusting if needed and get my tea bags. I found the recipe in the Bonsai today master series on pines and left out the 20-20-20 synthetic fertilizer. Thanks again

Jonas, I was just seeing if you had a link to Daiso for the tea bags. I checked their site and couldn’t locate the tea bags (100 for 1.50$ or even 2.00 would be great. I found tea bags online at 52$ for 1000). Thanks again.

I’ve found them at Daiso retail stores - the online prices didn’t seem to be as good. I’ve also shopped for the bags in supermarkets.